Disciple Making

“Be disciple make disciple” is the tagline of Yeshu Parivar ministry. Thus discipleship lies in the heart of each YP person. Win, Consolidate, Disciple and Send has been the practice of Yeshu Parivar since its origin. Approaching to people with the gospel has never been difficult for Yeshu Parivar as the population of its operational area is very high. Each member of Yeshu Parivar is to be sure that he/she is a true disciple of Jesus and are required to make others disciples refraining from hurting the sentiment of people from other religion and faith. YP believes that people from all religion, caste, creed, clan and language can become the disciple of Jesus Christ, thus disciple making has been prime ministry of Yeshu Parivar.

Leadership Development & Training

Yeshu Parivar always believes in producing quality leaders. Many short terms leadership training and workshops are being organized by YP to train up leaders for the work of ministry. Pattern like T4T has made great impact in many lives in past few years. Yeshu Parivar believes that every person has some sort of leadership in that thus we try to bring out and develop leadership quality in people. YP always try to establish local leadership in the community. A local leader with his/her disciples can make an immense impact into the community. YP always tries to raise a leader, help them to make disciples, plant a Church and also help the leader to become financially independent.