Welcome to Yeshu Parivar

Yeshu Parivar is a Socio Religious Organization, committed to the holistic development of people in India. The YP works toward social, moral, spiritual, emotional and financial development of a person. The Organization started in 2011 and was in action since then. Later it was registered in 2021. It is completely dedicated to the upliftment of people from all walks of life.

The YP feels that involvement of citizens groups and active community participation and the promotion of self among the citizens will ease the pressures on existing Government institutions and change the present mindset that assumes that the state alone must do everything and solve all problems. The YP believes that if the community and citizen groups to manage community resources and assets and to solve civic and community problems, identify and problem solving, a large part of the present crisis situation of unemployment, poor quality community life and mismanagement of the country affairs will get resolved and the vision of a resurgent India with a well-managed nation at its heart, will be fulfilled.

YP is governed by a group of people to bring a revolution in its target area. It is people-based organization to help people to bring out a better future for them.