Slum Literacy Center

Slum Literacy Center

Education is one of the most essential needs of human life. But for the people staying in slums, it has been a great challenge to provide good education to their children. People in the slum have very low standard of livelihood due to very limited income. Thus, they certainly need good earning through better earning sources. They also need health facilities and educational support. Most of all the main reason of such a struggling life is the lack of awareness toward health and education. People don’t count it necessary to send their children to schools. They don’t bother to go to a certified doctor for medical assessment. Thus, they need to be motivated and aware of value of health and education.

It is a center which works toward bringing awareness to the people of the slum concerning health and education. A center where we give classes to children and adults, organize seminars on various issues, provide study materials and medical care to people of the slum.

The Centre has already started a literacy program for children in few places. The Centre is looking possibilities and resources to start an Adult Literacy Program very soon. People from the slum are taken to HIV/AIDS awareness seminars and other health awareness programs. The Centre also organizes recreation and cultural programs time to time to bring harmony, encouragement and a hope to live a better life.

At Education Centre we provide free tuitions and coaching to children going to municipality school. We also give regular education to children not going to any school. We buy study materials, school uniforms, shoes and shocks and other required stuffs for children.  We also have to rent a place and hire teachers for Education Centre. Thus, we are looking forward to people to join us in educating underprivileged children and adults.

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