Community Food Bank

Community Food Bank : Feed the Need

70% of Indian population lives below the poverty line. Financial unsustainability has been a great challenge for most of the Indians. Thus, having enough money to buy healthy and hygiene food is very difficult for many people living below poverty marginal line. Government and charitable organization’s supplies are not enough to provide enough food to such a large population.  

By seeing the need YP has set up a food bank. This food bank provides raw food and groceries to underprivileged and needy people as per their personal and family need. This project has been a real lifeline for poor and needy. People living in slums and underprivileged areas are being benefitted through this project.

Time to time cooked food is also served to people in various places according to sudden calamity and requirement. We mostly help people those with unpredicted emergencies and also to those where government supplies could not reach due to technical reasons or lack of approach or awareness. Food bank is also a big help to poor people who can’t provide nutrition to their family.