Spiritual Concern

Spiritual Services

Worship Service:  It’s a weekly gathering of people for the purpose of public prayer. People from various religious backgrounds come for prayer especially those are in problems, distress or in the influence of evil spirits. Spiritual Services


Disciple Making “Be disciple make disciple” is the tagline of Yeshu Parivar ministry. Thus discipleship lies in the heart of each YP person. Win, Consolidate, Disciple and Send has been the practice of Yeshu Parivar since its origin. Approaching to people with the gospel has never been difficult for Yeshu Parivar as the population of its operational area is very high. Training

External Ministry

Crusade Yeshu parivar is involved in organizing massive crusades in partnership with other similar organizations. Some of the crusades in the past had more than 50 thousand people gathered together. External Ministry