Spiritual Services

Worship Service: 

It’s a weekly gathering of people for the purpose of public prayer. People from various religious backgrounds come for prayer especially those are in problems, distress or in the influence of evil spirits. The main focus of the worship Service is to let people experience the redemptive power of Lord Jesus Christ in their lives. A big number of people have been set free in last couple of years.

Cell Groups:

A weekly gathering of people who are interested in learning the Word of God. People get rooted in the Word and get close to each other in the cell groups. Welcome, Worship, Word and Witness pattern has been adopted for the systematic growth of the Word of God into the lives of cell members. Each cell member is being taken care individually by the cell leader and by the Pastor of the Church.

House Meetings: 

An evangelistic meeting in the home of believers in particular areas. The family and their neighborhood get together for the house meeting, which is called “Mashihi Satsang”. Gospel Songs in cultural forms and Salvation messages are centralized in house meeting. People are getting rid of their traditional myths and coming to the knowledge of Christ.

Prayer and Counseling:

Personal prayers and counseling to the people in need, in bondage or in personal and family problems. A quality time is spent with a person or family to find out what the hindrances in their faith in Jesus are and how to overcome those obstacles.