Women Empowerment

Women Empowerment:

The purpose of women empowerment is to strengthen women to perform better in their personal and family lives.

Sewing Centre:

Sewing and embroidery has become a popular source of income for ladies now a day. Ladies and young girls are being trained in our sewing centre. After the training they are being provided needed necessary equipments to start their own business.

School of Beauty:

Beauty industry has been a fastest growing business in today’s world. It is very popular area of work for women in India. By seeing this need YP decided to help young girls and women to equip themselves to become a beautician and stand on their own feet. YP runs school of beauty training program for underprivileged girls. Through these training women are becoming financially independent to help their families.

Micro Finance:

YP also looks possibilities to help women through micro finance scheme to start their own small business.